Alix Wagon Wheel Museum 


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There are many things to see and learn at the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum! Try to experience life as a soldier during the great wars while viewing artifacts such as a gas mask and a soldier's kit in our Remembrance Exhibit. Did you know that Irene Parlby of the Famous Five was an Alix pioneer and that our museum houses a permanent exhibit of her adult life?

Butter-flavoured aluminum? Yes, that's what was left when a fire destroyed the Central Alberta Dairy Pool. The fire was so hot that it melted the butter and the aluminum vats it was contained in. The liquid then moved into the sewer system and congealed - and we have a piece of it!

Can you imagine a horse and a bullock hitched together pulling a covered wagon carrying a family from the United States to their new home in Alberta? We still have a hub from one of the wagon's wheels on display. Interestingly, this hub is not the source of the name of the museum, merely a wonderful example. The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum was so named because the founders considered Alix to be like the hub of a wagon wheel and the surrounding country school districts, the CN and CP Railways, and the intersecting highways were like the spokes. 


Permanet Collections and Exhibitions

The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is dedicated to learning the stories that the objects in our collections can tell us about our past, and engage visitors by providing opportunities to inspire a passion for history in our community. Some of our displays include:

  • Dr. Irene Parlby Exhibit
  • Church/School Exhibit
  • Tools and Mercantile Exhibit
  • Sports Exhibit
  • Wildlife Exhibit
  • CADP and Industry Exhibit
  • Remembrance/Service Exhibit
  • First Nations/History of Alix
  • Art through the Decades Exhibit





School tours as requested

Guided tours as requested

You can also pick up an Alix Nature Trail brochure at the museum and do a self-guided tour around Alix Lake. You make even see a beaver like the one we have in our very own wildlife exhibit