Rocky Mountain House Museum 


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The Rocky Museum tells the story of the pioneers of the Rocky Mountain House and area. The Rocky Museum owes its beginnings to a group of ex-Rocky Mountain House residents who found, after moving away, that they missed the people of their old community. In 1970, the first Rocky mountain House Museum Reunion was held. In 1973, a society was formed - the Rocky Mountain House Reunion and Historical Society. The Society's first major accomplishment was a history book about the Rocky Mountain House area. This book was completed in 1977. The Rocky Mountain House Museum followed afterwards in 1983.

Permanent Exhibit

The displays include a 1916 Amherst Player Piano, a large scale Forestry Tower, the Glacier Schoolhouse, the Forestry Meadows cabin, the Holroyd Steam Tractor, and various pioneer-era exhibits, including a kitchen, bedroom, Killick's General Store, and the brand boards from Cole's Auction Mart.

To book a tour, call the office at 403-845-2332 (please provide two weeks' notice). Coffee, tea and sandwiches, or catered lunch available - please call for prices. Educational tours focused on curriculum for grades 1-7 with activities are available. Family history book with searchable CD-Rom is also available.