Crowsnest Museum & Archives 


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The Crowsnest Museum & Archives is a community run museum focusing on the cultural history of the Crowsnest Pass. The Crowsnest Pass has mining, lumbering, policing and even rum running history hidden in every corner of our community, and the Crowsnest Museum tells the story of the men and families who helped create our wonderful history.

Learn about the different ethinicities who settled in the area. See some of the tools, equipment and dangers miners faced each day. Find out how involved the Crowsnest Pass was involved in WWI and WWII. Even get up close and personal some of the animals that call the Pass home.

Discover the wonderful history and everything our mountain Pass has to offer.

Permanent Collections & Exhibitions:

  • Mining and Mine Safety Gallery
  • Blacksmith/General Store Gallery
  • Pioneer Life and Social History Gallery
  • Legends of Prohibition Gallery
  • Military and Police Gallery
  • Wildlife Gallery
  • Temporary Gallery featuring in-house and travelling special exhibits


Guided Tours:

  • Historic Downtown Coleman Walk
  • Miner's Path Hike
  • Guided Tour of the Crowsnest Museum 

Self Guided Tours:

  • Coleman National Historic Site
  • Blairmore/Frank
  • Hillcrest/Hillcrest Cemetery
  • Bellevue

Education Programming

  • Grades K to 6 specific programs
  • Jr. & Sr. High historic tours