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Sunnybrook Farm MuseumIn 1899, James Bower came out to the North West Territories (present-day Alberta) from Ontario to purvey some land he had heard about in Wetaskiwin. He had no intention of even stopping in Red Deer, but fate had other plans. The train he was taking up to Wetaskiwin had to stop in Red Deer to refuel and fix things that may have broken on the trip, and so the passengers had an half hour until the train left. James got off the train and sat in one of the hotel bars on Main Street and began talking with the locals. He was having such a good time getting to know people that before he knew it, the train left. The town's people really wanted James to stay because he was such a dynamic person, so they showed him a piece of available farmland. James purchased the land and a year later, he moved his entire family out here from Ontario. When James Bower's wife Katherine saw the farm, she named it "Sunnybrook."

Sunnybrook Farm Museum

Sunnybrook Farm MuseumSunnybrook Farm Museum celebrates the early days of Alberta farming. Find your rural roots as you explore Red Deer's oldest farm! Imagine the lives of pioneer farm families - working in the field, milking the family cow in the dairy barn, repairing a plow in the blacksmith shop, or baking bread in the summer kitchen.

Join us as we travel back in time. Chat with "men at work" in the restoration shop. Experience the modern conveniences of 1905 on a visit to the log house. Try your hand at feeding chickens and enjoy a wagon ride, special event, or demonstration of lovingly restored farming equipment (seasonal).

Our educational Programs are curriculum based and hands-on:

Social Studies: Pioneer Life, ECS to Grade 5Sunnybrook Farm Museum

Science: Levers and Gears, Grade 4

Sunnybrook Farm Museum