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Norwegian Laft Hus - Sod Roof Far away, in Norway, the sun peaks over the mountains in the the Numedal Valley on a beautiful morning. At the start of a long day of work on the farm a worker leaves their house, a building of log contruction with a sod roof, and look over the farm that is expertly set against Numedalslågen river. But much too soon the scene will change when the strain of providing for a family on a small farm like this one proves too great. Families would need to pack up and travel to North America. They would leave behind this land of trolls and fairies, its steep fjords, and its mountain valleys. They would leave home in hopes of a better future in a new country.

The Norwegian Laft Hus is a place of unique cultural discovery. Built in the 1980's by a group of dedicated volunteers the Norwegian Laft Hus stands today as a reminder of the life that immigrants left behind to come to Canada, but also the parts of their lives they brought with them.The building itself is a replica of one that would be found in 18th century Norway in a region called Numedal. Its sod roof was typical of all buildings on the farm at that time. Inside holds many items that are a testament of culture that endured being passed down through generations of Norwegian Canadians on the prairies.

Though the Laft Hus displays typically Norwegian items like bunader or aheart shaped waffle iron, it stands as a reminder that as Canadians we are a part of a diverse heritage. In Norway, to laft is to build with logs and Hus is simply ‘house’ (Laft Hus is pronouned in English as "lofthuse"). This sod-roofed, Norwegian log museum / cultural centre was built in the 1980s by interested volunteers — many of whom were of Norwegian birth or heritage. It is a fairly close copy of an old farm home from the late seventeenth century, which is still preserved today in an outdoor folk museum in Norway.

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A visit to the Norwegian Laft Hus is a short trip back in time, to another country. View the museum displays, and don't forget to try out a Norwegian treat. Get coffee with your snack and take a break while participating in an important Scandinavian tradition, the coffee break. Then before you leave
don't forget to puruse the Butikk, or gift shop, to find the perfect item to add some Norway to your day.


 Mission Statement

The Laft Hus is a centre for the preservation, interpretation, and study of material relating to life and culture of Norwegian-Canadians. As such, it instills in Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds an awareness of the great diversity of their cultural heritage and enables Norwegian-Canadians to see, to understand, and to appreciate their place in the mosaic of Canadian culture.

Horse-head ale bowl The Laft Hus goals are to practice and learn the methods of traditional Norwegian culture, primarily those of log construction, wood carving, and other arts such as rosemaling and hardangersom —the knowledge of which is shared with the general public. An interest in, and a deeper appreciation for, Norwegian traditional culture in the Red Deer region is encouraged and practiced by the Society's many volunteers.


Permanent Collections and Exhibits:

    Laft Hus Society
  • Handmade Furniture
  • Bunads
  • Norwegian Folk Arts
  • Norwegian pewter
  • Norwegian kitchen utensils


  • School tours
  • Group tours
  • Special topic seminars
  • Children's programming
  • Norwegian folk art classes
  • Norwegian baking classes
  • Syttende Mai
  • Annual Craft and Bake Sale.