Holden Historical Society Museum 


Guided Tour Research Facility/Library


The Holden Historical Society Museum welcomes visitors to share the history of Holden and area. In 1992 the Holden Museum was established on the main floor of the building. Visitors will experience a pioneer kitchen, an outdoor Piché oven, general store, church, schoolroom, barbershop, tool shed, and a parlor full of beautiful handcrafted items. This community based museum is housed in the original Town Hall / Fire Hall, which was built in 1911 complete with jail cell. See baking done in the piche oven at some key museum events.

Visiting the Museum

The building itself has an interesting and varied past was built in 1911. It was originally used as the town hall, fire hall and has a jail cell on the main floor. The old hand operated fire hose-cart is displayed on the Museum grounds. The upper floor was used as a community and dance hall and later as a silent movie theatre. The building was given to the Masons in 1935 and the Masonic Lodge upper floor is still used today. Tours of the Lodge, large outdoor artifacts and workshop are available on request.

Children will enjoy some of the hands-on displays and get their photo taken in a real jail. Students are welcome to research information for their projects.

We suggest you start your visit by visiting the miniature Village of Holden as it actually was in 1909 - 1911. Every building is historically correct in detail, using information found in photos, newspapers, and other research. See the rail yards, passenger train station and elevator as it once was. Visitors can look straight down Main Street and get a feeling of what early Holden was like. Imagine walking down the boardwalks, look in some of the business windows at merchandise and see people going about their daily lives. Don’t miss this truly unique experience. A visit to the miniature village will enhance your appreciation and understanding of the artifacts displayed throughout the museum.


Holden Museum offers Internet and written materials for research and study during open hours and by appointment. Visitors are welcome to take advantage of the area history. Copying service is available for your discoveries.


The museum is always open by appointment for family reunions, birthdays, or visitors no matter how small the group. Just email or call the museum and leave a message.