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Claresholm MuseumWilliam paced up and down the station platform. The train was not due for half an hour, but he was too excited to wait at home any longer. He and Mary had had long discussions about their move to the new town of Claresholm before finally deciding that William would go ahead alone. He thought back to his first visit to Claresholm, then only a few months old. Now looking at all the new buildings, he marvelled at how quickly his small harness shop had been built. He could hardly wait for Mary to arrive. He had so much to show her — the harness shop, of course, but also their little house. The carpenters had built it just like the home they had left.
As he waited, the platform became more crowded with others also waiting for the train. More new settlers and their families were expected. Farmers were rapidly taking up all the homestead land around the town. Claresholm was becoming a bustling, vibrant community.
At the sound of the train whistle, everyone turned to watch it approach the station. William moved forward, closer to the edge of the platform. As the train stopped, the conductor swung down from the door of the front car and began helping the passengers step onto the platform. So many people were getting off. Where was Mary? There she was, waving from beside the second passenger car. William hurried toward her. With a quick smile, he picked up her valise. She tucked her arm through his as they moved along the platform. Leaving the station, they both felt the excitement of stepping into this new part of their life together.
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The 1912 station is one of only two railway stations in Alberta built from sandstone. A caboose, which is no longer in use, is parked outside the station. In its main station display area, the museum houses historical collections such as children’s toys, sports equipment, period clothing, and furnishings. The museum focuses on the historical development of Claresholm, including not only its pioneer heritage, but also the influence of the Royal Canadian Air Force Service Flying Training School.

Permanent CollectionsClaresholm Museum

• 1912 Canadian Pacific Railway
• CPR caboose
• Station Agent’s Office
• Claresholm’s first school house, 1903 (furnished)
• Model-T school bus from the Ruby School District
• Isanbard Critoph’s 1929 heritage log cabin (furnished)
• Royal Canadian Air Force Service Flying Training School
• Military
• Pioneer artifacts (various time periods)
• Louise McKinney and The Famous Five

ProgramsClaresholm Museum Gift Shop

• School programs offered relate to Alberta’s social studies curriculum

The museum also offers a large Reference Library and Visitor Information Services.