Frank Slide Interpretive Centre 


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Canada's Deadliest Rockslide

“I awoke to the sound of a rumbling roar transcending description… A terrific weight came down on us and I could not move...I was vaguely aware that some dreadful tragedy had happened, and I prayed for help.” Jessie Leitch

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

 At 4:10 in the morning on April 29, 1903, 82 million tonnes of rock thundered from Turtle Mountain and buried part of the coal mining town of Frank.  It is believed that more than 90 people were killed.  In less than 100 seconds, the slide covered three square kilometres of the Crowsnest valley under a layer of rock up to 45 metres deep.

 The Crowsnest Pass has a dark and compelling history.Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

  • Alberta's three deadliest disasters unfolded in the dangerous shadow of Turtle Mountain.
  • Heart-wrenching survivor stories come to life through personal accounts, skilled local storytellers, interactive exhibits, guided walks, demonstrations, computer kiosks, dramatic vignettes, and music.
  •  Highlights include two award-winning high definition shows, activities for children, education programs including distance learning, visitor information services, gift shop, and walking trails with magnificent Rocky Mountain views.


Permanent Collections and Exhibitions

4Frank Slide Interpretive Centre levels of exhibits:

  • Gallery One - Frank after the slide. All is confusion.  
  • Gallery Two - Frank before, during and after the slide.
  • Gallery Three - Science Gallery. What caused the slide?
  • Gallery Four - Crowsnest Pass from ancient times to today. 



  • Education programs including day programs, the Sleepover Overnight Program, and Distance Learning. 
  • Interpretive Programs on a variety of themes, in various locations including outside, and of various lengths.
  • Special events with themed programming, i.e Crowsnest Heritage Festival, Alberta Arts Days.

 Frank Slide Interpretive Centre