Fort Heritage Precinct 


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"For thirty-six years (1875 to 1911) the old fort saw mountings in hot haste, couriers from Battleford or Fort Mcleod riding in on exhausted horses or expeditions setting out with horses, dogs or with boats. The arrival of Indian prisoners with a country-wide reputation for "badness"; the "Assembly" in the midnight hours to go to the assistance of settlers threatened by prairie fires; appeals for vaccine to fight the smallpox or for assistance in the involuntary arrival of future citizens; to the Mounted Police came all those who were sick and hungry, those who lost property or were lost themselves. All their troubles and difficulties they laid on the police, not excepting their matrimonial problems - and to all were given what was coming to them."

(Excerpt from article "Old Fort Saskatchewan" by Major-General the Honourable W.A. Griesbach, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., from the "RCMP Quarterly", July 1934)

Permanent Exhibits

  • 1875 - 1885 North West Mounted Police fort, with exhibit
  • 1902 Castle School
  • 1905 Kulak Home
  • 1909 Courthouse
  • 1911 Soda Lake Church
  • 1913 Dr. Henry's Residence
  • 1937 Warden's House (Provincial Gaol/jail exhibit)
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Automobile / Machinery display


The Fort Heritage Precinct offers curricular and public programs for elementary grades and all members of the community.  Please visit our website for details.