Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regimental Museum and Archives 


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The PPCLI Regimental Museum and Archives immerses the visitor in the story of one of Canada's most distinguished infantry regiments from its founding in 1914 to the present day.  Rare and unique military artefacts, detailed life-size dioramas, and a detailed narrative take visitors on a journey through the PPCLI's history, highlighting major battles from World War One to Afghanistan. Visitors will learn about the heroic stands at Frezenebrg and Kapyong, fighting in World War Two, peacekeeping, and the experience of the Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. The journey culminates with the solemn Memorial Hall of Honour, a reminder of the human cost of war and peace, and a display of medals including three Victoria Crosses earned by the soldiers of the Regiment.


The Museum also features:

The Regimental Archives and its extensive collection of photographs and textual records, open to the public by appointment

The PPCLI Museum is located within the Military Museums complex in Calgary, one admission price provides access to seven museums.

Permanent Collections and Exhibitions:

3 Victoria Crosses from World War One Patricias.

The Memorial Hall of Honour, where the names of all fallen Patricias are listed.

World War One trench life full-scale diorama.

"The Canadians at Ypres" original painting by W.B. Wollen.

The Battle of Frezenberg and Battle of Kapyong Dioramas.

A collection of rare weapons and equipment from both World Wars

A fully restored and working Bren Gun Carrier.

A full-scale diorama of a LAVIII Armoured Fighting Vehicle depicting operations in Afghanistan.

An extensive collection of service medals from prior to the Boer War to the present day.

The original Regimental Colour 'The Ric-A-Dam-Doo'.

The original portrait of Princess Patricia of Connaught by James Jebusa Shannon.

An extensive collection of photographs and textual records from both World Wars, Korea, and beyond.


Through The Military Museums Foundation Education Program, the PPCLI Museum offers school tours and 'Meet a Serving Soldier' presentations to visiting students. Guided tours of the gallery can be arranged upon request.