YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre  


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Come and explore the world of policing, showcasing the unique connection between our community and the Calgary Police Service.

Waiting to be discovered are many of the untold crime stories, some are heart-warming while others are tragic. You'll be taken on a profound journey through interactive exhibits, witness a "Day in the Life" of Calgary’s finest, get up close to a life-size replica of HAWCS helicopter patrolling overhead as you explore behind the scenes of the Tactical Unit, Canine, and most notably Patrol.

The Policing Street will transport you back to 1906, walking the beat on Stephen Avenue. Now put on your fedora and trench coat and through the eyes of Calgary Detectives, examining significant Calgary cases on display. Officers have shared their stories with you; a brand new police vehicle sits in wait to be explored, and projection videos bring the centre alive.


The YouthLink Collections are divided into two major sections, the CPS Archives and the YouthLink Artifact Collection, which contains approximately 10,000 objects related to the history of the Calgary Police Service.


YouthLink Exhibitions

• Exhibition Introduction

   o Chronological Hat Display - This exhibit contains a series of hats and helmets that have been worn by past and present CPS members.

• Patrol Unit Exhibition

   o Weapons Display - This exhibit displays a variety of weapons used by past and present CPS members.

   o Fake VS Real Weapons - 6 firearms are on display, only 3 of which are real, serviceable firearms. Guests are encouraged to investigate and identify those weapons that are fake.

• Public Safety Unit Exhibition

   o Weapons Display - This exhibit displays a few of the crowd control weapons used by the PSU during riot encounters.

   o Riot Officer Mannequins - An interactive exhibit where children are encouraged to step into the riot line and experience the sounds of a riot.

• K9 Unit Exhibition

   o Historic Training Equipment Display - A variety of dog training equipment used throughout the history of the K9 unit is displayed.

   o Interactive Training Equipment - Children are encouraged to try on a training arm and feel what the material is like on a training jacket.

• TAC Unit Exhibition

   o Bomb Suit & Robot Exhibit - ANDROS the bomb robot is situated alongside a mannequin wearing a police-issued bomb protection suit.

   o Weapons Display Case - A variety of weapons used by the TAC team in their day to day operations is displayed.

   o Black Friday Exhibit - A variety of historic objects associated with the even dubbed “Black Friday” is displayed.

   o Interactive Battering Ram - Children are encouraged to attempt lifting a TAC battering ram.

   o Interactive Scope Exhibit - Children are encouraged to try viewing a potential crime scene through a fix-power scope.

• HAWCS Unit Exhibit

   o A variety of HAWCS related memorabilia and traffic control devices are displayed around a curved projection system giving children a birds eye view of a HAWCS helicopter ride.

• Major Crimes Exhibit

   o Historic Display - A Variety of weapons, and items used by the Major Crimes Unit is displayed.

   o Middelstad Exhibit - Evidence from the Gharda Middelstad case is displayed.

   o Undercover Operations Equipment

• Beat Unit

   o Present/Past Mannequins - Two mannequins dressed in historic and contemporary Beat Uniforms stand along the west wall.

   o Discovery Drawers - A variety of CPS issued equipment is displayed for children and adults to view through the discover drawers.

• Flood Exhibit

   o An exhibit displaying objects and artifacts related to the Calgary Flood.

• Mounted

   o Interactive Horse Saddle - Children are encouraged to try sitting on a real Mounted Unit horse saddle.

   o Horse Equipment Exhibit - A variety of objects used by the Mounted Unit are displayed.

• Traffic

   o Speed Kills Display - A variety of objects and artifacts taken from the scenes of deadly collisions are displayed.

• Healthy Relationships

   o A variety of everyday objects are displayed, investigating how anything can be used in an act of abuse.

• Online Safety

   o Pyramid of Technology - A pyramid of various technological items used by past and present CPS members in located in the northwest corner of this exhibition.

• Drugs

   o A variety of drugs and drug paraphernalia are displayed in locked cases for children to view.

• Forensics

   o Cold Case - A variety of crime related evidence from criminal cases are displayed for children to view.

   o Fingerprinting Kit - A historic CPS fingerprint is displayed.

   o The Glenmoore Gun - A corroded gun is displayed, alongside contextual information regarding its significance for CPS.

   o Bone Exhibit - Two full, anatomical skeleton reproductions are displayed.

   o Identification Unit Cameras - Photographic equipment used by past and present CPS members are displayed.