People's Museum of St. Paul & District 


Peoples’ Museum Society of/de St. Paul & DistrictLocated in a significant agricultural sector of Alberta, The Peoples’ Museum of/de St. Paul & District is dedicated to preserving our rich local farming heritage. Settlement of the St. Paul area occurred about 100 years ago, and since that time great changes have taken place. It is our goal to acquire important items, conduct research, and make these available for the public to enjoy.

See life as the rural pioneers saw it! Our displays are continually evolving, both indoors and out, and include both permanent and yearly displays. Inside, you can visit an old red barn with an ever-changing assortment of farm machinery and tools as we explore the skills and hard work needed to overcome the obstacles of farm living. This was generally the men’s domain, and in contrast, the farm kitchen is set up to show some of the work required by farm women.

Our blacksmith shop centers on an old forge made of a variety of scrap metal and parts. The lumber camp is re-enacted in a miniature model of one that operated on the Amisk (Beaver) River in 1939, and we have a nice selection of taxidermy representing local animals that are rarely seen in the wild. However, the growth of the town was also important to the farmers: we showcase a general store, barber shop and hair salon in our indoor showroom.

Outside, our collection of tractors, plows, seeders, balers, binders, threshing machines and other farm machinery of both common and rare types is constantly growing.