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Brothers Sid and Walter Francis are leaning against a fence smoking their pipes, observing the log house they are building. “It’s going to be a fine home for your Irish lass, Susan,” Sid says. “I can’t wait for it to be finished so she will come to Wanham and be my wife,” Walter says. “In due time,” says Sid. “But, we’d better get on with chinking the logs. Winter’s not far off.” They fill the gaps between the logs of the two-story house, stuffing it with newspaper, straw, and mud. “It will be nice having that big fireplace to keep us warm come October.”

That night, Walter sits at the table with his kerosene lamp, dipping his pen in the ink bottle and writing another love letter to his fiancée in Ireland. She has promised to come back to Canada once he builds a house for her. He dreams of the day when she will sail to Halifax and then board a train across Canada and into his life.

Grizzly Bear Prarie MuseumWalter’s two-storey L-shaped 1925 log house is one of the historic buildings at the Grizzly Prairie Museum in Wanham. It features three bedrooms, a living-room, and kitchen, and is fully furnished with period collectibles. The love letters that Walter wrote to his fiancée in Ireland are part of the collection.

The museum’s main theme focuses on the pioneer farming experience in the Wanham area. It has an extensive collection of agricultural historical artifacts, particularly tractors and farm implements. The antique ploughs in the museum’s collection are sometimes used by participants in the Wanham Annual Ploughing Match.

Permanent Collections
 Grizzly Bear Prarie Museum• 1924 barn (dairy equipment, blacksmithing equipment, tools, sleighs, cutters)
• Walter Francis’1925 log house
• Large collection of tractors and agriculture equipment and implements
• Machine shed built from salvaged wood from a grain elevator
• Canadian National Railway
• Wooden granaries
• Memorial book (obituary records)
• 1934 Presbyterian church with large church bell
• Cabin from forestry lookout tower (tools, arrowheads, bottles)
• Covered skating rink
• School room

Grizzly Bear Prarie Museum

Wanham Annual Ploughing Match (June)
• School tours