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High Prairie MuseumIt was a cool morning in 1923 when Sadie (Robertson) Keay harnessed her work horse and headed out to plough. As she was turning up new sod something hit the plough blade. She pulled up on the reins and glanced down, expecting to see a rock; imagine her surprise when she saw a rusty old sword!

The "Keay" sword has been dated to the 1700s. It has been the topic of much speculation. Could the explorer David Thompson lost or traded it when he was in Lesser Slave Lake in 1799? Maybe it was left behind by the Hudson Bay or Northwest Company parties in the early 1800s? Some say it looks High Prairie MuseumSpanish while others say Scottish. How did the Keay sword end up in a field in High Prairie and who did it belong to? What is your theory?

Permanent Collections and Exhibitions

  • Jack Burley Collection - knive, spear points dating over 10,000 years old
  • Keay Sword
  • Taxidermy


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