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Model T Skis - Kneehill Historical MuseumEarly pioneers in the Kneehill area were very resourceful. With no easy access to supplies and materials, they often had to resolve problems with home-made solutions. Here are some prime examples.

It’s the middle of winter. There are no snow ploughs and in some cases, no roads. Dr. Elliott’s Model T automobile cannot get through the unploughed roads to get to a patient. The ever-resourceful Dr. Elliott comes up with the perfect solution. He removes the front tires, adds them to the back, and refits the T with hefty skis. Voila. No need for front-wheel drive. He is able to make his way in time to assist the patient in need of help.

nobby knocker - Kneehill Historical MuseumA mare is in trouble, bellowing and thrashing about. 'Doc' Bowhay, who has studied veterinarian medicine, is on hand. Unfortunately, no anesthetic is available. Having experienced this dilemma in the past, 'Doc' has a timely solution to the problem and brought it along. He puts the knobby knocker to good use. What is it? Well, you will need to come to the museum to see it for yourself.

Honeymoon Special - Kneehill Historical MuseumFolks in the area are concerned about what’s happening in Europe on the front lines. Many of their sons, husbands, or fathers are fighting in the war. News is scarce. The McCubbins invite their neighbours to gather in the front room to hear the news on the first and only radio in the district — the Honeymoon Special. It is a plain, homemade black box brought from Washington, D.C., and given as a wedding present to the McCubbins. The news of the day brings peace of mind to all who have gathered.

Dr. Elliott’s skis, 'Doc' Bowhay’s knobby knocker, the Honeymoon Special are all here at the Kneehill Museum, along with a vast collection of heritage artifacts. The museum offers a treasure trove of stories and cultural practices of Kneehill pioneers. These early settlers were a hardy bunch who worked together to build community and solve problems the old-fashioned way: through hard work, ingenuity, comaraderie, and common sense.

Kneehill Historical Museum

Permanent Collections

  • CNR station (station agent’s dwelling upstairs, furnished caboose, tank car, box car)
  • Agriculture building (agricultural machinery, tools, implements)
  • School room
  • Home kitchen
  • Hospital
  • Telephone exchange
  • Military
  • General Store