Camrose and District Centennial Museum 


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Camrose Centennial Museum

Being a centennial project, our museum will be celebrating a 50th anniversary in 2017!  

The Museum ‘village’ contains 13 authentic, replica and storage buildings; about 85,000 community artifacts including a significant photograph and negative collection. 

Camrose Centennial MuseumCamrose Centennial Museum

Camrose Cnetennial Museum

Permanent Exhibits include a replica of the 1907 Camrose Fire Hall, replica of the Camrose Canadian (newspaper office), a 1953 blacksmith shop, 1906 Likeness School, 1908 St. Dunstan’s Church, a 1898 Pioneer Log House and a replica log and sod hut of the first home of the Camrose area.

We offer a variety of school programs, updated in 2016 and curriculum based.  Year round  adult, children’s and community events are planned annually.

 Camrose Centennial Museum