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University of Alberta MuseumsThe University of Alberta Museums is a unique network of 29 diverse museums and collections. Totaling more than seventeen million objects, the collections are a rich resource used daily to fuel discovery and advance knowledge through teaching, research, and community outreach. Collections range from Asian art in the Mactaggart Art Collection to amphibians, lizards, and dinosaurs in the Lab for Vertebrate Paleontology to meteroites in the Mineralogy and Petrology Museum. Located throughout campus, museum and collection facilities include:

  • Museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces
  • Collections in classrooms and laboratories
  • Works of art featured in University buildings and on the grounds

The museums and collections are accessible through public hours or pre-booked visits and annual public programs.

University of Alberta Museums

University of Alberta MuseumsPrograms

  • Science Sunday (hands-on activities for kids aged 5-12 in March)
  • MUSE (on-site school programs for grades 4 to 9 from September to June)
  • Additional access and tours by appointment at all museums

Permanent Collections & Exhibits

  • Amphibian and Reptile Collection (Museum of Zoology)
  • Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities (W.G. Hardy Collection)
  • Archaeology Collection
  • Art Collection
  • Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology
  • Clothing and Textiles Collection
  • Cryptogamic Herbarium 
  • Drill Core Collection
  • Entomological Museum (E.H. Strickland)
  • Ethnographic Collection
  • Folkways Alive
  • Fossil Hominid Cast Collection
  • Freshwater Invertebrate Collection
  • Devonian Botanic Garden Herbarium 
  • Ichthyology Collection (Museum of Zoology)
  • Invertebrate Paleontology Collection
  • Mactaggart Art Collection
  • Mammalogy Collection (Museum of Zoology)
  • Marine Invertebrate and Malacology Collection (Jim van Es)
  • Meteorite Collection
  • Mineralogy and Petrology Collection
  • Ornithology Collection (Museum of Zoology)
  • Osteology Collection
  • Paleobotanical Collection
  • Parasitology Collection
  • Pathology Gross Teaching Collection
  • Renewable Resources Natural History Collection
  • Soil Science Collection
  • Trace Fossil Collection
  • Ukrainian Folklore Archives (Bohdan Medwidsky)
  • Vascular Plant Herbarium
  • Vertebrate Paleontology (Laboratory)
  • Zooarchaeology Reference Collection

University of Alberta Museums