Nampa Museum 



Nampa MuseumIn Nampa, “A Place Close to the Heart,” the Museum illustrates this closeness in its presentation of the story of Nampa and area, from the days that the Aboriginal peoples roamed, to the arrival of settlers to turn the land to farming in hope of better lives, to the challenges of the developing years, to the pride of place and community of the present. A square-cut log house built by one of the early families in the area is featured, as well as equipment that developed the land in the area, a CN railway caboose, and the first Baptist Church building.

The Rucka House, one of the first square-cut log houses in the area, was built in 1939. It is a unique example of the dovetail notched, square-cut log style, and the original eavestrough of a continuous length of hollowed log. It is now a permanent exhibit area with furniture, tools, equipment, clothing and personal effectsillustrating the lifestyle of the early years.

The CN railway caboose contains the original couch, lavatory, heating and observation areas that typified these cars.
An array of the original equipment used to break the land and to farm the area is presented in the outdoor gallery.
In addition to the Museum, there is a Visitor Information Centre to assist visitors.

The Nampa Museum is located on the service road at the southern-most edge of Nampa.