Millet and District Museum and Archives 


Millet and District Museum & ArchivesThe Millet and District Historical Society operates a recognized community museum, archives and official community visitor information centre. The goal – to preserve our community’s history – and work within a set of values which emphasizes good community relationships (family, friendship and fun). It is an environment where the vision of a historically aware community is transformed into action. Millet’s heritage is preserved not only by its award winning small museum, but also by its partnership with Communities in Bloom. There are descriptive historic plaques at historical buildings and sites, recreated historical gardens, murals, school bell kiosk, cemetery heritage garden and tree.

The long-term exhibit “Millet: A Signpost in a Slough” features early businesses of Millet. The wheelchair accessible museum presents room displays depicting the one room "Hillside School", the "Tool shed", "John Barth's Barbershop" and "Kenny Kerr's Implement Office" and home settings of a bedroom, living room and kitchen representing the period from 1900-1950.Millet & District Museum & Archives

The portraits of over 200 Millet and District Veterans of World Wars I and II are displayed on the Veterans' Wall upstairs in the museum with memorabilia.

The collection consists of over 9000 artifacts from Millet and the thirteen surrounding school districts during the first half of the 20th century. As well the Museum's archives consists of over 50 metres of documents and photographs created in this time period.

Annually temporary exhibits are featured that showcase Millet’s community. Public programming to groups and tourists as well as the curriculum based school tours allow history to come alive. Virtual exhibits through our website allow the world to learn about the “Prettiest Little Town in Alberta”.

Millet & District Museum & Archives