Victoria School Museum and Archives Society 


Victoria School Museum and Archives SocietyThe Victoria school Museum & Archives Society has been open to the public since 1995. In this time, the Museum has been collecting and displaying artifacts, textiles, photographs and documents representing the history of Victoria School, its students, staff, and programming. Victoria School first opened its doors in 1911, and has many well-known alumni, such as Arthur Hiller, Leslie Nielsen, and Anne Wheeler to name a few.

The Victoria School Museum appeals to a variety of different audiences, including former students and alumni, media acquiring information about different alumni, students of the school, and the general public.

The Victoria School Museum & Archives Society will be continuing to provide successful programs to the Edmonton community such as its involvement with the Edmonton Heritage Fair.

The students and teachers have access to the Museum and Archives as well as participation in the research and creation of some of the Museum’s exhibits.

The Victoria School Museum & Archives Society benefits the students, teachers, alumni, and visiting public with research, information, artifacts, and the rich history of Victoria School within the communities of Edmonton and Alberta.

The museum can also be open upon request on weekends and in the evening on weekdays. Please notify the museum in advance