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On the second day out from the Bighorn River, we were travelling on an old hunting trail at the side of a mountain which looked like an extinct volcano. Just before reaching the gap, I saw a lake below me from which a creek was running through the gap. I dismounted, dropped the reins, sat down and looked around. To the north the Coliseum Mountain, looking exactly like an arena, rose from a green meadow into the blue sky. To the South, there was the lake and the southern mountain, forming the gap. It showed horizontal dark streaks, similar to the ones of our coalfields in the west…..

Nordegg Heritage Centrethe future citizens of my town deserved decent homes in a well-planned, pleasant community, favourable to the raising of families, and the recreation of its hard-working miners. Under such conditions, the invariably multi-ethnic population would live in harmony next to one another.
Martin Nordegg, The Uncommon Immigrant


The Nordegg Heritage Centre showcases the glory of historic Nordegg where the community spirit lives on. The museum focuses on the discovery and mining of coal deposits in the area. It also exhibits the vision of Martin Nordegg to develop a town that would not merely be another one of the thousands of dreary mining towns that dotted the American West from Alaska to Mexico.Nordegg Heritage Centre

Feel the echoes along Miner’s Path and explore the preserved mining building on a guided tour through Brazeau Collieries Minesite. Step back in time and discover the town’s innovative design modeled after England’s “Garden Cities” during a walking tour of Nordegg.

Permanent Collections

  • Martin Nordegg
  • Coal Mining
  • The Ghost Town
  • Community and People
  • Native Comunity  Nordegg Heritage Centre


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