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Onoway MuseumThe Onoway Old Brick School was established in 1921 and closed its doors in June 2007. A year later, it was re-born as the home of Onoway Museum. The four classrooms now provide themed glimpses of life around Onoway in earlier times.

  • In the Schoolhouse, the stern tones of Mr. Bramley seem to be heard or perhaps it is Mrs. King as she leads recitation of the Salute to the Flag.
  • Through the window of the re-created St. Barnabas Hospital (1913 – 1937), catch sight of the starched white uniform of the nurses and the original hospital door. Around the corner is the farm with the pig barn, everything a dairy farm needed to operate, and tools and implements that were part of daily farm life.
  • The Country Home boasts all the furniture and fittings that were found in early homes in this area. From the hat collection to nylon stockings (with straight seams!), from the wood stove to the gramophone, it’s all there.
  • Main Street is the home of Eddy Dales General Store with its collection of calendars from 1959 to 1988, Further on are Onoway Creamery, Mills insurance office, the hardware store and barber shop.


A new Hometown Hero is highlighted quarterly. The world champion roper, the public health nurse who immunized virtually every student in Onoway schools for decades, the internationally recognized breeder of black Angus cattle – these are some of our heroes.Onoway MuseumOnoway Museum





Permanent Collections

  • St. Barnabas Hospital
  • One-room schoolhouse
  • Community Life
  • The Farm
  • Hometown Hero
  • Onoway Elementary School Class photos 1986 - 2007
  • Rural schools in County of Lac Ste. Anne


  • Schools tours designed to fit the curriculum
  • Guided tours upon request