Trochu and District Museum 


Guided Tour Parking Washrooms

The Trochu and District Museum houses archives and a collection of artifacts and photos that celebrate the history and culture of a unique prairie town. From the stories of dinosaurs, aboriginals, and early settlers from France (led by Armand Trochu), to tales of other ethnic groups (e.g., Finns, Germans, Jews, Chinese), to the adventures of farmers, entrepreneurs, and soldiers — you can find it here.

Copies of the weekly newspaper, The Trochu Tribune, from pre-World War I to the 1980s are on site, along with the working machines they were printed on. Three murals at the museum are part of a group of ten (and counting) around the town of Trochu.   


  • Aboriginal artifacts
  • Originals Paintings
  • Early French settlement                                      
  • Sisters of Notre Dame d’Evron
  • St. Mary’s Hospital
  • World War I and II
  • Pioneer kitchen
  • Farming and Ranching
  • Coal mining
  • Trochu Marching Band
  • Schools
  • Trochu Tribune Newspaper
  • Sports 
  • Local businessesRailroad and Grain Elevators